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Sick of watching the same series again and again? Looking for a change? At a time where we cannot leave our houses, here are some resources on Northeastern Portugal, migration and return (this also works in winter, rainy days, sick days or just when one cannot read or write anymore!).

Disclaimer: Some I haven’t seen entirely (yet). And if you think of more, feel free to share!

Portugal 2 (1969) by Alain Corbineau. Beautiful archive showing the life of Portuguese who just arrived in France in the 1960s. Available here.

Chant en exil (1973) by Dominique Dante. Extract available here.

Les gens des baraques (1995) by Robert Bozzi. 25 years after a report he did on the Portuguese inhabitants of a slum next to Paris, Robert Bozzi goes back to look for them and interview them. Available here.

Está é a minha casa (1997) by João Pedro Rodrigues.

La photo déchirée (2002) by José Vieira. José Vieira is a prolific filmmaker who has produced quite some material on Portuguese in France. This one goes back and forth between France and Portugal, where he looks for testimonies. Available here.

“Ei-los Que Partem” – A História da Emigração Portuguesa (2006) by Jacinto Godinho, Fernanda Bizarro, Paulo Costa. Three episodes available here: 1, 2, and 3.

Por uma Vida Melhor (2008) by Carina Branco and Nina da Silva. A documentary on late photographer Gérard Bloncourt. Available here.

Deportado (2012) by Nathalie Mansoux. A documentary film about Portuguese men deported from the US back to Azores. Available here.

Portugal, um retrato social (2013) by Antonio Barreto. Three episodes, including one on the end of the rural society. Available here.

E depois de Abril, emigrar (2014) by Teresa Nicolau. Available here.

A podcast this time, Lusitani XIV (2014) by France Culture. Available here.

Traversées de la mémoire (2017) by Erika Thomas. Interviews with Portuguese migrants in France, involved in research, archives or militantism. Available here.

Setembro (2016) by Leonor Noivo. An intimist portrait of a woman and her son, back to Portugal after a while. Available here.

Sempre quis ver mais do que aquelo que via (2016) by Inês Espirito Santo. Two Portuguese emigrants talk about their emigration to France. Available here.

Os Estrangeiros (2017) by Rita Al Cunha. A short shot in the north of Portugal, in a border village, where inhabitants have all fled to find employment, and a few widows cope with solitude. Available here.

Memórias do salto (2017-2018) by Identitade Coletiva. This is the first exhibition I saw in Vinhais on the topic of Portuguese clandestine migration, or salto. I wrote a post about it. it brought together more than 70 testimonies, all filmed, as well as maps and a virtual reality experience. The domain where the videos were hosted is now expired… but two testimonies are available here.

Last time I went to Bragança, this exhibition was on going at the museum: Nove Meses de Inverno e Três de Inferno, by João Pedro Marnoto. You can look at the photographs here.

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